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Welcome to the Sugar Bar’s website!👩🏻‍🍳🍪💓


My name is Jessica Kenny, the creator and owner of the Sugar Bar located in Alliston, Ontario. I’m 26 years old, and while I grew up in Brampton, Ontario, I moved to Alliston, Ontario two years ago.


I began baking and designing custom-made cookies approximately a year ago, more specifically, in November 2020.


I grew up baking all sorts of desserts and tasty treats, such as cakes, tarts, cookies and a variety of pastries. I enrolled in a high school elective for hospitality. I loved it!


After high school I was unsure of what I wanted to pursue for a career.


I experimented with different jobs, and in 2017 I received a opportunity to further my career to work for an animal emergency hospital as a Veterinarian Technician (VT). I absolutely adore animals.


I new my admiration for animals, both big and small, was unconditional when I told my father at the early age of ten (10) that I “want to purchase a huge house when I’m older so that I can fill it entirely with animals.” At the present time, my partner (Jeffrey) and I currently have two (2) cats and a chocolate lab. whom we love and spoil greatly.


You may be wondering how I became interested in baking and designing cookies, and how I learned how to make and design cookies.

In December of 2019 I was unfortunately injured due to a fall on ice... oh how fun. I wasn't able to walk for close to 2 months and in that time I found my love for baking after watching endless food Network baking shows.


I must say that my exposure to YouTube and watching endless amounts of baking and general cookie videos inspired me. I remember it vividly. I was watching the Ultimate Cookie Challenge on the Food Network and instantly became obsessed. I started baking that night. I’ve always had a pretty steady hand and a love for drawing and painting, so I guess this just came to me as second nature?


I am so thankful for all the opportunities that have come my way and all the love and support in growing this business.


Now that you know a little bit about me…let’s get BAKING!!!🍪💓


With Love,



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